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Reading: Evaluation of a course in Zoology: Student responses


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Evaluation of a course in Zoology: Student responses


B Gayathri Jayatilleke

Department of Educational Technology, Open University of Sri Lanka, LK
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This paper reports an evaluation of the course on Animal Diversity offered for the Bachelor of Science Degree Programme (B.Sc.) The majority of students had found the course ‘difficult'. Student performances supported this view with a pass rate of approximately 35%. The difficulties encountered by the students were related to different aspects of the course such as workload, inadequate day school support, insufficient time allocation for laboratory work, and inadequate facilities at the ‘mini museum' of zoological species. Students also stated that conventional lectures were more desirable indicating a difficulty in understanding the course material, thus raising doubts about the presentation of the course material in the distance format.

doi: 10.4038/ouslj.v1i0.372

OUSL Journal (1997) Vol.1, (pp.83-102)

How to Cite: Jayatilleke, B.G., 1997. Evaluation of a course in Zoology: Student responses. OUSL Journal, 1, pp.83–102. DOI:
Published on 10 Dec 1997.
Peer Reviewed


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