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Reading: Student satisfaction with OUSL support services


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Student satisfaction with OUSL support services


GD Lekamge ,

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Gaya Ranawake,

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KARD Gunaratne,

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R Jayananda

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This paper outlines a research study undertaken as part of a project funded by the Department for International Development (DfID) project on distance education at the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL). The objectives of this study were to establish student understanding of the University, their satisfaction with support provided at registration, their satisfaction with academic support and other support provided throughout their study with the OUSL. To achieve the above objectives, a pilot study was conducted by administering three questionnaire modules focused on OUSL support system to three sets of students. Frequencies and Chi-square analyses were used to interpret data. The results of this pilot study clearly suggest that proper guidance is essential for a distance learner, especially at the initial stages. It is also important to note that the other facilities (libraries, dormitory facilities, canteens etc.) necessary for students throughout their studies should be expanded.

doi: 10.4038/ouslj.v2i0.365

OUSL Journal (1999) Vol.2, (pp.80-93)

How to Cite: Lekamge, G., Ranawake, G., Gunaratne, K. and Jayananda, R., 2009. Student satisfaction with OUSL support services. OUSL Journal, 2, pp.80–93. DOI:
Published on 05 Mar 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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