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Reading: Counselling services for the distance learner


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Counselling services for the distance learner


V Wickramaratne

Department of Education, Open University of Sri Lanka, LK
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The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), attempts through its system of education, to enhance the personal development of its students. Different models of intervention are at present adopted with the view to realising this objective. It has been recognised by distance education institutions that counselling services extended to the distance learner stand out as one of the best ways of intervention. However the importance of counselling as an integral component in the OUSL system should be emphasised further taking into consideration the diverse needs of learners enrolled with OUSL. This paper focuses attention on the relevance of counselling services in relation to the nature of the needs of students following academic programmes and courses of study offered by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and also examines the different models of counselling that could be adopted to support these students. Review of relevant information reveals that counselling intervention is appropriate to enhance the capacity of students to develop themselves and also to overcome barriers that they may encounter in the process of successful completion of programmes. But the models of counselling intervention that could be adopted should be determined in relation to the organisational and management procedure of the OUSL system.

doi: 10.4038/ouslj.v3i0.381

OUSL Journal (2001) Vol.3, (pp75-93)

How to Cite: Wickramaratne, V., 2001. Counselling services for the distance learner. OUSL Journal, 3, pp.75–93. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2001.
Peer Reviewed


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