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Reading: (Arene)Ru(II) Complexes of P-N Ligands


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(Arene)Ru(II) Complexes of P-N Ligands


SD Perera

Department of Chemistry, the Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala., LK
About SD
Professor S D Perera is the Professor in Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the Open University of Sri Lanka. His research interests lie in the areas of Organometallic Chemistry, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Catalysis and Boron Chemistry. He could be contacted on email:
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Ligands containing both phosphorus and nitrogen donors have shown excellent catalytic properties. We have set out to synthesize a series of P-N ligands known as "phosphino hydrazones". Some of these ligands, for example, Z-PPh2CH2C(But)=NNMe2 I and Z-PPh2CH2C(But)=NNH2 II have shown interesting coordination chemistry with transition metals such as Cr, Mo, W, Rh, Ir, Pd and Pt. Here we report the synthesis of novel η6-arene complexes of I and II with ruthenium. Treatment of 0.5 equivalent of [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl2]2 with I in refluxing benzene gave the ruthenium (II) complex (1). The chelating complex [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl {Z-PPh2CH2C(But)=NNMe2}]PF6 (2) with a 6-membered ring was made by treating (1) with NH4PF6 in methanol. Treatment of II with 0.5 equiv. of [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl2]2 gave the chelating complex [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl {Z-PPh2CH2C(But)= NNH2}]Cl (3). We have found that the ligand I has the potential to act as either a modentate ligand or a bidentate ligand. The ligand II forms chelating complexes as the NH2 group is sterically less demanding.


OUSL Journal (2007) Vol.4, (pp.72-77)

How to Cite: Perera, S., 2007. (Arene)Ru(II) Complexes of P-N Ligands. OUSL Journal, 4, pp.72–77. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2007.
Peer Reviewed


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