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Reading: Convocation Address 2015


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Convocation Addresses

Convocation Address 2015


Naveed A. Malik

Virtual University, PK
About Naveed
Virtual University, Pakistan
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It is my honor and pleasure to be given this opportunity to deliver the Convocation Address at the 27th General Convocation ceremony 2015 of the Open University of Sri Lanka. I have structured my talk around the potential of distance education and its relevance to the current job market. I will rely heavily on my experience with the Virtual University of Pakistan, but the thrust of my discourse should be applicable to the broader distance learning arena.

Distance education, as you all know, is not a new phenomenon. Over the years, the specific delivery methods and pedagogy have evolved and changed but the basic premise has remained the same: the provision of learning opportunities for knowledge seekers who faced one or more impediments in accessing formal education at conventional campuses. This issue of access to learning is assuming a much higher degree of importance in the current era, the primary reason being the changing face of the job market.

How to Cite: Malik, N.A., 2015. Convocation Address 2015. OUSL Journal, 8, pp.125–131. DOI:
Published on 02 Oct 2015.


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